Buying Outdoor Products

When and Where to PurchaseJIM SR-15

When seeking outdoor power equipment, as in walk behind mowers, lawn tractors, snow blowers, chainsaws and other related maintenance equipment, it’s important to seek reputable dealerships.  Service and repairs after the sale means quite a bit when problems arise after you purchase.  You must ask yourself, does this good deal on a mower come with hidden surprises.  How about five years down the road when parts and or service is needed and those items and services aren’t available.  What good was that better priced product, when you have no one to assist after the sale.  If you have even spent countless hours chasing parts, you’ll understand.   Purchasing from larger retailers, which have limited abilities to offer service.  Many larger retailers often rely on smaller established independent service businesses to rectify issues, which can add further delays. 

Trust and personal relationships are a very important aspect of buying products in which you will rely on for a long time.  If you feel good from the first sales encounter, nine times out of ten, you’ll have a positive relationship for a long time.   

Lappan’s have been offering premium products since 1976.  We pride ourselves on retaining relationships that have endured generations of customers.  Let us assist in all your outdoor purchases.  Our motto We’re the Ones to Count On” has meaning that counts.