Winter with John Deere


John Deere Compact Utility Tractors

Lappan’s can custom design a package to benefit each season, from mowing, snow blowing, moving soils and digging holes.  We offer four compact series utility tractor, one size which will fit your needs no matter the task.  Lappan’s can design custom factory installed cabs which offer sound guard body construction, meaning hardly any outside noise for the operator.  Interior comfort at its best with comfortable temperature controlled both air and heat, directed by vents throughout the cab, sound around entertainment systems and an air ride seating system to name a few comforts. 


John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractors

Medium sized properties are best suited with one of our X500 series lawn and garden tractors. Winter season made easy and comfortable with any one of our X500 series.  Enough power and performance to handle the deepest of snow falls.  All John Deere tractors have the capability to have weather enclosures, soft sided and hard sided heated cabs.  Let your friends at Lappan’s  design the best of the X500 series.




John Deere Lawn Tractors

Our best selling lawn tractor, the X300 series, offers what most residential homes want, power, performance with an almost effortless way to move the snow out of the way. Let us share our knowledge and get your family into the best John Deere.  




The Pinnacle of John Deere Tractors

Large home owners choose the X700 series tractors to move tons of snow with ease back by a powerful quiet Kawasaki engine.  Lappan’s can install your choice of cabs with accessories like heat, flashers and additional lights.

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